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Provincetown - The Delaplaine 2017 Long Weekend...
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Complete Guide to P'town, including lodgings, restaurants, attractions, outdoor sports, tours and excursions, shopping and everything else you'd want to do in Provincetown. 'Even though it's small, there's still a lot to do in Provincetown. This handy guide made it all a little easier, especially when we only had 3 days (and 2 nights), so we didn't have time to waste.' ---William E., Dunville 'Perfect for what we needed on Cape Cod.' -Johnny G, Annapolis Delaplaine Long Weekend Guides are updated throughout the year both in print and ebook editions and published for these cities, among others: Annapolis, Appalachicola, Atlanta, Austin, Berlin, Paris, Beverly Hills, Birmingham, Boston, Brooklyn, Cancún (Mexico), Cannes, Cape Cod, Charleston, Clearwater-St. Pete, Coral Gables, El Paso, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers & Sanibel, Gettysburg, Jacksonville, Key West & the Florida Keys, Los Angeles / Downtown, Las Vegas, Martha's Vineyard, Mérida (Mexico), Miami & South Beach, Myrtle Beach, Napa Valley, Naples & Marco Island, New York (Downtown), New York (Midtown), New York (Upper East Side), New York (Upper West Side), Orlando & the Theme Parks, Palm Beach, Pensacola, Portland (Ore.), Rio de Janeiro, San Francisco, San Juan, Santa Monica & Venice, Sarasota, Sonoma County, Tampa Bay, Venice (Calif.), Washington, D.C., West Hollywood & Hollywood.

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